On the 14th day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me..
  • On the 14th day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me..

    December 14, 2016

    A shiny red brand new Ferrari!   As far as surprise unveils go, this is a very good one! Ferrari on the 13th December celebrated 50 years of Ferrari in Japan by unveiling the J-50. And what a thing it is. Debatable but for us it has to be one of the most attractive cars […]

  • So. What does the Porsche 911 R sound like at Full Chat?

    December 2, 2016

    By Full Chat Admin So Porsche have released a snapshot of what the new Porsche 911 R sounds like..   ..And what better way, than bellowing through some mountain roads. Whilst non Porsche 911 Enthusiasts might shrug off the concept of the R and what makes it so thrilling, when you scratch beneath the surface […]

  • Lighter than air – Lotus Elise Cup 250

    Lighter than air – Lotus Elise Cup 250 By Full Chat Admin The Lotus formula has always been a simple one. Lightness + revs  x simplicity = good. A simple one, yet one that is seldom replicated with the same effectiveness. Time makes fools of us all and like any other car on the roads […]

  • That feeling when your Ferrari gets out-dragged by a family..

    If you haven’t caught a glimpse of what the Nissan Juke-R; the Demon love-child of the GTR and the funky family favourite – the Juke can do, well it’s about time you had a look at this! Dual clutch, twin turbo, crossover madness   Source link Please follow and like us:

  • The Ford GT – Reserve yours now!

    December 1, 2016

    In a move placed to stir emotion and excitement for the upcoming Ford GT, Ford have made the configurator live for their $450k supercar.   We don’t need to tell you how stunning it is, or thrilled we are that it’s coming through looking just like the concept! Promising 600bhp from the 3.5 v6 EcoBoost […]

  • The Mazda MX-5. Have hairdressers had the right idea all along?

    By Clutch Admin Jake. Slam ”budget sports car” into a google image search, and the first response (at least as I write this!) will contain a snapshot of a Mazda MX5. In fact, bring up the concept of a budget sports car to any motoring enthusiast and it won’t be long until Mazda gets a […]

  • Mazda RX-Vision. Future or Fable?

    By Clutch Admin   Mazda have stolen the show at the 31st Festival Automobile International, landing “Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year” with the rotary powered sports concept, the RX-Vision.   And gazing at its sleek, seductive silhouette, it’s not hard to see why it wouldn’t win hearts. It exhibits a simplistic take on […]

  • FORMULA 1 – Halo style protection device selected over aeroscreen for 2017

    By Clutch Admin   F1 cars will reportedly be fitted with a developed rendition of the controversial Halo cockpit protection design for the 2017 season. The decision was taken by the FIA and the team of technical directors after a lengthy meeting held in Monaco last week. The decision reportedly has been made after a drain […]

  • VF Phase II SV6 – a good buy, or falling short?

    Now, I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to Holden’s power saloons, it’s often inevitable to slip out the words’Compared to the Germans’. However now more than ever the commodore light might just shine brightly enough to illuminate the shadow cast by the likes of BMW. The first thing you notice, with […]

  • Ford XR6 – Go further?

    Some things in life just come down to ‘I just do’. Cats and dogs. Ice cream or frozen yogurt. Beaches or pools. Holden or Ford. There’s not always a reason, but sometimes it’s worth looking at the detail. The Ford and Holden debate rages on as we near the end of the production of their […]

  • Why is your car’s Trade-in Value so low?

    Why is my Car’s Trade-in Valuation so low? by kars.com.au Why is my trade in worth so little? It’s pretty common to feel left a bit underwhelmed by a dealer’s offer on your old pride and joy or workhorse and it often puts the brakes on a deal be it for affordability or out of principle. […]