FORMULA 1 – Halo style protection device selected over aeroscreen for 2017

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F1 cars will reportedly be fitted with a developed rendition of the controversial Halo cockpit protection design for the 2017 season.

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The decision was taken by the FIA and the team of technical directors after a lengthy meeting held in Monaco last week. The decision reportedly has been made after a drain cover was flung up and hit by Jenson Button’s car which had the obvious risks of serious injury associated with heavy metal objects being struck at high closing speeds.

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We must make sure that the risk for all of us (drivers) is reduced to the minimum possible,” said F1 veteran Fernando Alonso supportive of the attempts to design out risks.


Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 7.51.52 amThe Halo is a development of the carbon fibre version seen earlier in the year sported on a Ferrari car Fans and pit-lane occupants remain skeptical about the safety credentials of the Halo, which many say poses visibility restrictions and features large gaps and the possibility of causing a trap-hazard and it is thought that the favoured Aeroscreen developed by Red Bull will still replace the halo eventually and the selection of the halo in titanium and hinged for access for a short-term solution has much to do with possible aerodynamic implications of the Aeroscreen.


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