Mazda RX-Vision. Future or Fable?

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By Clutch Admin


Mazda have stolen the show at the 31st Festival Automobile International, landing “Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year” with the rotary powered sports concept, the RX-Vision.


And gazing at its sleek, seductive silhouette, it’s not hard to see why it wouldn’t win hearts. It exhibits a simplistic take on the classic long-bonnet, stubby-boot coupe layout, almost akin to the Mazda Cosmo of the early nineties.


But will the Vision ever be more than just that?

As much as we’d love to see the C63-esque coupe hit the roads – Taken in the context of Mazda‘s recent filing of an updated rotary engine sporting a triangular rotor which covers part of the exhaust ports, modifying flow characteristics; It’s hard to see the Vision as more than a show-case. An attempt to keep interest, excitement and sentiment alive. The rotary is somewhat engrained in Mazda’s DNA and Mazdaspeed fans would embrace a modern era Wankel.


Kevin Rice, Mazda’s Design Director was quoted “and when the world’s ready to buy another rotary, we’ll be ready to provide it.” however to us, therein lies the veiled caveat. Will the ‘World’ ever be ‘ready’ for a rotary? You don’t have to look far to find millions of enthusiasts who would welcome it with open arms; only to have the Environmental enforcers to step in with stringent emission guidelines to keep the dream out of reach.

I for one would love to see a rotary baby supercar screaming like a wailing cyclone into the distance leaving nothing but a whiff of clutch and rubber, but it feels like it won’t go that far without some serious technological advancements which will bring the birth of a clean burning, efficient, reliable and cheap to manufacture rotary.


Glimpse of the future or constant reminder of potential of Mazda’s heritage?

Hard to say. But the chance of seeing something as beautiful as the Vision coming from Mazda for now is exciting enough to peak our interest..

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