So. What does the Porsche 911 R sound like at Full Chat?

December 2, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ HOME

By Full Chat Admin

So Porsche have released a snapshot of what the new Porsche 911 R sounds like..


..And what better way, than bellowing through some mountain roads. Whilst non Porsche 911 Enthusiasts might shrug off the concept of the R and what makes it so thrilling, when you scratch beneath the surface to the finer details, you can’t argue that it all starts to sound a little like motoring perfection.

Such fine tuning goes deeper than the hoon-tastic paint job. A tight, rifle bolt precise manual gear change mated to the banshee that is the GT3 RS engine. That engine. Rather than dipping into the philosopher’s handbook to string together some nice sounding adjectives to describe just how that engine makes us feel, we’ll simply leave you with this..


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